German doodles #2

More drawings from my summer vacation:

Summer hats ❤
“Where are we going?”
Always double check the map!
“Why does my camera look like a squishy blob?”
Proper trucker moustache.
German doodles #2

German doodles #1

My recent trip to the Harz, Germany mainly consisted of cycling in hilly terrain and eating delicious german food. Which is a hardcore combination!
But I also had time to draw some quick doodles during cake breaks in a small notebook that I carried around with me. Most of them are inspired by people (and dogs) that I noticed somewhere. Here’s the first batch:

“Look, honey – there’s that thing!”


“I smell curry wurst.”
Cool and calm cake-chopping lady.
A dad camping with 3 small kids.
Me swimming in a fresh-water pool.
Tired teenager on family vacation.
German doodles #1

Mouse GIF’ing you a thumbs up

I’ve recently started drawing on my computer with a drawing tablet. It’s an amazing new world of erasing and drawing straight lines and smushing and playing with different brushes and colours. At the same time it’s kind of frustrating, and I feel like I’m a 5-year-old learning to draw.

Almost at the exact day that I decided to go digital, the weather decided to be nice. So today I brought my laptop outside to experiment with making GIFs. It’s not a perfect situation to work outside, but definitely nice. Kind of like this half-heartedly encouraging mouse giving us all a thumbs up for trying new things.


Mouse GIF’ing you a thumbs up